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Our mission: Cleaning up the planet one “habit of waste” at a time.

We believe in the power of one.


Something has to change. Something has to move us from unconscious trend to conscious action.

The non-profit organization Habits of Waste is focused on changing people’s habits by encouraging everyone to rethink wasteful behavior.

“It’s so embedded in our daily routine, it’s so normal that we don’t even see it,” says Habits of Waste founder, Sheila Morovati. She seeks to raise awareness of the dangers of a throwaway society, foster grass roots change and help everyone become aware of the power they have to influence others.

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Here at Habits of Waste (H.o.W), we know the impact of the ripple effect. Every drop counts and can make a huge splash. The power of one is real and we want you to become a HoW changer.

Your individual impact goes much farther than you think, it creates social impact. If you start a step to change the world you may not notice how many other people are affected and can help spread change with you. Think about how quickly news travels, how an item can become a trend, how tiny coins add up to big savings in a piggy bank. Every social movement and impact starts with the power of one. One person can make serious change with a simple step, a little leap, or by creating a new habit.


What does this mean? In the United States, we have developed a cultural norm of wastefulness. Throwing things “away” has become normalized however, where is “away”? There really is no such thing.

We must re-consider what we purchase and what we discard as our environment is literally choking on trash. We use this analogy to teach kids about the environment; imagine someone asked you to eat pebbles and stones in hopes that you could digest it. That your body could withstand the removal of a few organs here and there, and that you should just keep going as though you are whole, without missing a beat. How can we expect our planet to maintain its loyalty to us day in and day out, with perfect sunrises and sunsets, while we are mindlessly destroying it?

We are asking our precious Earth to digest billions of pieces of plastic and to breath toxic gases. We are cutting away at its organs by cutting down its rain forests, and polluting its oceans. We are disfiguring our beautiful mountains because we want our kitchens and bathrooms to have the best Calacutta or Carrera marble. At what point will we stop? The time has come and HoW is here.

From the desk of our founder, Sheila Morovati

Aquaman was right about plastic water bottles

We can’t be friends if you drink from a disposable plastic water bottle. That may sound extreme, but it’s true.

Be part of the #LAGREENTEEN Campaign

The campaign will help the students of Los Angeles High School raise awareness and funds for their school to implement a new water filtration system, enabling students to drink safely using sustainable bottles and to refuse plastics.

For example…

Habits of Waste Campaigns - No Straws

By refusing one straw you can change the habit of using 500,000,000 plastic straws per day in the US alone.

Habits of Waste Campaigns - No Plastic

BYOB! Plastic water bottles negatively impact our planet as single use plastics never decompose and can no longer be recycled. Yes, you read that right.

Habits of Waste Campaigns - No Plastics

Instead, they end up in our oceans, killing sea life or turn into micro-plastics that are now found in our water and food.

We are here to create social change. We want a new normal, an eco-conscious normal.
The health of our planet depends on this.

A society engrained with eco-consciousness. Our habits should reflect a treasuring of our resources, our planet, and each other.

H.o.W shines light on habitual behaviors of waste.

Our kids should grow up in a world where they cherish what they have and are accustomed to reducing, recycling, reusing, and refusing.

H.o.W shares the importance of individual action. Every human must value our Earth, our resources, and our decisions.

 YOU MATTER. You are valuable. Every action you take can inspire change. Everything you do matters.

HoW protects the environment by finding solutions to create collective
societal change through individualized shifts in habitual behavior.
We believe in the power of one.


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