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Every small step makes a giant impact. An astronaut shared his experience as he left the Earth’s atmosphere and looked at our planet from above for the first time. He showed us an image of something you don’t see everyday. It was a green glowing halo that surrounds our gorgeous planet, its ratio being equivalent to the skin of an apple. Minuscule and delicate…. very delicate.

This halo is us, it is our atmosphere. This is where we live, breathe, eat, sleep, work, love, learn, fight wars, make peace and sadly where we are destroying our planet. That view is what brought this astronaut to realize that if it weren’t for this halo, the Earth would be one giant dead rock. Preserving that halo is our job. Be a HoW Changer by checking out how changing your small habits of waste can create a large cultural shift to a much greener and cleaner world.

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Plastic Cutlery

UberEats, Grubhub and Postmates deliver plastic cutlery to customers who are ordering food in without asking if the customer wants plastic cutlery. Many times, their customers are able to eat their ordered in meals with reusable utensils from home and therefore the plastic cutlery is an unnecessary habit of waste causing a plastic single use item to end up in the trash.

Download this letter to request these companies to install an “Option for plastic single use cutlery” feature on their apps to eliminate unnecessary waste.


Send this letter directly to their office at 111 West Washington Street Suite 2100 Chicago, Illinois 60602.

Download Letter

Plastic Bags

Many grocery stores have plastic produce bags.

Call to action: Shop at your local farmer’s market. Skip the produce bag with your own reusable produce bag.

Challenge your favorite grocery stores to reduce their plastic produce bags, put up signage to encourage refusal of plastic produce bags, and/or to eliminate them.

Factory Farming

Call to Action: Your consumer choices of brands, we understand veganism and vegetarianism is not an option for every family, try #MeatlessMondays

Challenge your favorite animal product companies to consider their carbon footprint.

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Our mission: Cleaning up the planet one “habit of waste” at a time.

We believe in the power of one.

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