#ShipNaked / #ShipGreener

#ShipNaked / #ShipGreener

What is #ShipNaked?

It’s time for the online shopping giants to ship differently via our newest email campaign. Amazon, Walmart, and Target can start by shipping products that have their own “rigid packaging” without any additional boxes or plastic packaging. By creating this simple change we will immediately reduce millions of pounds of plastic waste and cardboard waste. 

What is #ShipGreener?

Many products we order online do not come in manufacturers “rigid packaging” so we are asking major online retailers to “ShipGreener” if packaging is required. This means using the correct size boxes with minimal filling, and no plastic at all. The image shown here is an example of the  unnecessary amount of packaging that come with many of our online orders. 

Why is this important?

850 MILLION tons of paper and cardboard are discarded annually, equaling approximately  1 Billion trees.

Amazon alone ships 1.7 million packages a day and just the # of plastic air pillows used/year could encircle the planet 500x. 

Our planet needs us to reduce our footprint as much as possible.

Take Action TODAY

Join us by emailing Amazon, Walmart and Target to #ShipNaked & #ShipGreener! Our request is that they ship more responsibly and ship with less unnecessary packaging. Many products even have their own “rigid packaging” and do not require any additional boxes or plastic packaging. With just 1 click, you can send letters to these companies requesting less packaging in our online orders.

Buzzfeed Calls on the ‘Big Guys’ to #ShipNaked!

#ShowUsYourPackage ! Let’s use social media for change:

Next time you receive a delivery with excess packaging post it on social media and tag the company where you purchased it from.  Use hashtag #ShipNaked and #ShowUsYourPackage and we will repost! 

(Video Of ShipNaked Campaign)

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A recent study by Oceana found that generated 465 million pounds of plastic packaging waste in 2019. The number of plastic air pillows could circle the globe 500 times. Oceana further estimated that up to 22.44 million pounds of’s plastic packaging ended up in the world’s freshwater and marine ecosystems as pollution in the same year, or “roughly equivalent to a delivery van’s worth of plastic being dumped into major rivers, lakes, and the oceans every 70 minutes.”

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