Crayon Facts

  • One of the first Habits of Waste we uncovered was that restaurants in America throw away over 150 MILLION still good crayons per year. 
  • The crayon is made of paraffin wax and never decomposes in landfill.  
  • Kids in the United States prevent millions of crayons from being discarded each year and instead repurpose them for teachers and students. Future environmentalists are experiencing eco-consciousness with the most relatable object.
  • By redirecting crayons from restaurants and well-served schools we alleviate waste, shift a societal norm of wastefulness, and provide teachers with much needed classroom supplies. This is a HoW changing at its best.

Be a Crayon HoW Changer

  • Rethink Rethink trash by collecting your gently used crayons to donate to at local Title 1 School or Head Start Center through Crayon Collection.
  • Request Request that your local restaurants set up Crayon Collection boxes to collect gently used crayons from kid diners. Connect them with Crayon Collection to match them with a school that can use those crayon donations.
  • Reach Out Email Crayon Collection at for more volunteer opportunities in collecting and redistributing would-have-been trashed crayons and implementing eco-art.

Donate Crayons through Crayon Collection

Recycled Stick Crayon – 8 Box
Jumbo Crazy Crayon – Earth
Crayon Sticks 10-pack
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