Habits of Waste Straws

Media & The Environment Facts

  • Advertisers spend two and a half billion dollars a year on TV to influence people’s consumer choice.
  • Media is a powerful tool. For example: Exposure to onscreen smoking in movies causes young people to start smoking. However, increasing films to an R rating will reduce the number of teen smokers by nearly 18%.
  • Modern partiers emulate the idea of using plastic red cups simply due to the portrayal of red cups as a staple of American parties in famous movies and television.
  • Introducing “eco-scripts” where we suggest nuances on television and film, which help guide social norms.
  • Children are highly affected as they spend more time in front of a TV set than in front of a teacher during a year’s time. The enviro-message must be up front and center.

Be a Media HoW Changer

  • RespondTweet at your favorite shows, movies, and actors about changing their habits of waste! For example, see plastic straws on “The Voice”, tag the show and their cast members and ask them to change to reusable straws!
  • Rethink
    Discuss the environmental actions of some of your favorite characters and celebreties. Who uses plastic? Is there an alternative? HoW is grateful for shows like “America’s Got Talent” who have the celebrity judges use metal cups and straws rather than plastic!
  • RALLYAttend local seminars and discussions on the impact of media on the environment.
  • Reach Out    Contact your favorite film companies, tv shows, and companies to showcase environmental consciousness on the big screen!

Our mission: Cleaning up the planet one “habit of waste” at a time.

We believe in the power of one.


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