Lights, Camera, Plastic?

The Problem:

It is evident that single-use plastics on screen further normalizes the throw-away society that we find ourselves in today.

Sociology and Psychology experts agree that film and television subliminally dictate what is and isn’t acceptable to our collective society.

“Social scientists agree that there are profoundly important relationships between motion pictures and human behavior.”

– Franklin Fearing PhD “Influence of the Movies on Attitudes and Behavior”
image from “Man With a Plan”, Netflix
image from “Man With a Plan”, Netflix

With staggering numbers such as 1 million plastic bottles discarded per minute and 500 million plastic straws discarded per day or 40 billion pieces of plastic cutlery discarded per year we must find innovative ways to close the “tap”. We need Hollywood to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastic that is shown on screen so that we can end the normalization of trillions of single-use plastics discarded per year.

image from “Man With a Plan”, Netflix
image from “Man With a Plan”, Netflix

Experts Say…

“The motion picture is not a fixed pattern of meanings or ideas which are received by a passive mind. Rather he takes from the picture what is usable for him or what will function in his life. The stuff of films is action, movement, characterization, conflict, expressed in swiftly changing images… (The view-er) utilizes the pictured situation in the process of coming to terms with the larger environment. This is the conceptual framework within which the significant analyses of the effects of motion pictures and other mass media of communication on behavior and attitudes must occur.”

-Franklin Fearing, PhD Psychology, UCLA

image from “Man With a Plan”, Netflix
image from “Man With a Plan”, Netflix

Emmy Nominated series “Ted Lasso” chooses to REUSE on camera!

Thanks Buzzfeed for this Star Studded PSA on #LightsCameraPLastic!

Thank you ATTN: Media for supporting ‘Lights, Camera, Plastic?’!

Get Involved..

Join us as we send letters to Hollywood leaders including: The Writers Guild, The Directors Guild, The Producers Guild, SAG and The Art Directors Guild. They will all be notified of our concerns for single-use plastics on screen.

Tools for Creating Sustainable Media

Please download our toolkit to help remind production staff to “Go Reusable on Camera”.

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