Air Pollution

Air Pollution Facts

  • Air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths worldwide. By 2050, 6 million people will die per year due to air pollution.
  • 80% of lung diseases are caused due to air pollution from cars, buses, trucks and other vehicles.
  • 92% of the global population live in areas with unhealthy air quality due to waste burning, coal-fired power plants and other human activity.  
  • A single bus carries replaces 40 cars driven on the road.
  • One of the best ways to reduce air pollution is to walk or ride a bicycle.

Be an Air Pollution HoW Changer

  • Reduce Reduce your carbon footprint! Walk, ride your bike, carpool, use public transit. Use a hybrid or electric car. Eat less meat. Reassess how much fossil fuels you use in your home and community.
  • Request Support companies with reduced carbon footprints. Ask companies you like to consider more green initiatives.
  • Rally Attend local rallies and efforts to maintain clean air, your voice matters
  • Reach Out Contact your local government to support legislation that protects air quality. Support public transportation infrastructure.

Air Pollution Resources

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