At Habits of Waste, we look closely at our daily behaviors to learn where we can all do better.

Most of us purchase personal care products such as shampoo, soap, conditioner etc. For example, on average 300 million Americans use shampoo. We have done our research and found that using a bar version of these products versus a plastic bottled version is the way to go. We know we can make a huge difference together. Give it a try! These days the products out there are higher quality, and better for the planet.

  • Bottled shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer can be up to 95% water. We are unnecessarily shipping water around the world in plastic containers.
  • According to Zero Waste Week, more than 120 billion units of plastic packaging are produced globally/year by the cosmetics industry, contributing to loss of 18 million acres of forest annually.
  • There are many new beauty products in bar form that are plastic-free, cost less, and better for you. These are readily available everywhere now.
    • 91% of plastic isn’t recycled.
  • $90 Billion is spent annually on just hair care products alone
    • The number of shampoo bottles thrown out in the United States every year could fill 1,164 football fields.
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