Habits of Waste Club Guide

Become a H.o.W changer! In a HoW Club, students take a deeper look at their school through the eyes of an environmentalist. Next, students decide what changes they would like to make on their campus to support the health of the planet.

About: HoW Changers Club

Here at Habits of Waste, we’re encouraging people to rethink their behavior and notice their impact. By noticing everyday “Habits of Waste,” we’re our entire society can find a new consciousness towards their environmental presence and begin making change, whether that’s buying a reusable water bottle, going vegan, or starting a compost. One thing is for sure even the smallest actions make a big impact. You can recommend changes for your school by starting a H.o.W Changers club! Use this guide to start uncovering and changing “Habits of Waste” at your school!

Campus Initiatives:

  • Encourage use of reusable bottles
  • Reduce your school’s food waste
  • Create a bike/walk to school day
  • Have your school participate in #MeatlessMonday
  • Encourage single-use swaps for lunch time
  • Implement composting at your school
  • Set-up a Crayon Collection Crayon Donation Bin at your school
  • Set-up a battery collection tube at your main office for proper disposal
  • Reduce littering by making recycling bins accessible
  • Go virtual and minimize paper consumption
  • Make sure your school is a three-bin facility
  • Have accessible filtered water fountains so student can refill their bottles
  • Rally for the use of reusable containers at lunch
  • Spread eco-consciousness!

Club Activities:

  • Make posters! Spread them around your school to build awareness and encourage students to rethink their environmental impact
  • Take a look around your school and notice the areas of improvement for a greener campus
  • Take surveys and find out what students care about and want to see changed
  • Talk to your school admin about implementing new rules at school that encourage a more sustainable lifestyle for students
  • Host informational meetings and encourage students, parents, teachers, and administrators to learn more about how to change their Habits of Waste
  • Have volunteer days and schedule trash pick-up days
  • Play movies with environmental themes
  • Make recyclable art projects
  • Get involved with community clean-up efforts
  • Plant a school garden

Bring your club to social media!

Continue to spread the message of sustainability through social media! Having an active presence in person and online facilitates successful movements and lets a larger audience hear your voice!

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